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Home Health Aide Certification Courses, an Overview

A home health aide administers care on an extended term within a patient’s home. To practice this profession, a person needs to either pass a certification exam or finish an approved state HHA course.

Required Course List


A nursing assistant or other interested person can continue their education in an HHA curriculum. An HHA can provide patient care within the home once they are certified, within state regulations. The primary focus is always on managing care within a patient’s home, but there are other considerations such as meal preparation, social activities, family issues and housekeeping. An HHA must also contend with ethical and legal issues, so these are also among the topics such a course covers.

Long Term Care

While not every program mandates this, many allow a student to take a class in acute care once they become a CNA. This acute care course extends the CNA coursework and prepares a student to work within a long-term care atmosphere. This can include a rehabilitation facility, a nursing home or hospital, or even a patient’s own home. This helps the student transition from being a CNA to being an HHA through additional training in CNA duties in the laboratory and classroom concerning:

  • A long-term aide’s responsibilities
  • Processes of disease
  • Medical treatments and procedure

Nursing Assistant

Before one may focus on home health care, a lot of programs demand an individual pass the CNA exam within their state. As well, a great many programs also combine being a HHA (home health aide) with being a certified nursing assistant in their training, to make this a level student process. A CNA works within many environments, including nursing homes, hospitals and other types of health care settings. A nursing assistant course covers communication skills, the health care system and ensures students have a hands-on understanding of personal care, hygiene, vital sign collection, safety procedures, patient rights and other topics. Once the course is complete, a student is qualified to take the certified nursing assistant examination and apply to become certified.

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